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Laterally Loaded Pile Analysis, Version 2.0. Computer Program COM624P has been developed for use in the analysis of stresses and deflection of piles or drilled shafts under lateral loads. The program is especially written for highway engineers who wish to run the analysis on microcomputers. The technology on which the program is based is the widely-used p-y curve method. The program solves the equations giving pile deflection, rotation, bending moment, and shear by using iterative procedures because of the nonlinear response of the soil. The program provides a user-friendly/menu-driven input and a graphics output in microcomputer environment. The version of the Program COM624P for the microcomputer was developed in 1989. Several new features were included in the program such as: generating p-y curves for rock, capability of analysis of piles in sloping ground, improved solution for multi-layered soils, and a variety of boundary conditions at the pile head for selection. The current version of COM624P (version 2.0) includes more improvements, and a subroutine has been added to compute the ultimate bending capacity and the flexural rigidity of piles.
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