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Soil Nailing Design

Soil nails/anchors have been widely used to provide reinforcement for failing soil, rock or mixed slopes. Most soil nailing design softwares use constant concentrated forces acting on the slope surface to simulate soil nails; however, the reinforcement provided by the soil nails varies with the location of the potential failure surface. Visual Slope is one of the few design softwares that determines the reinforcement according to the potential failure surface. Soil nail properties can be set for tension, shear, nail, tieback, or micro-pile to fulfill different functionalities.

Main Features of Soil Nailing Design
    Nails with bonded and unbonded sections, or bonded sections only
    Nails can be drawn individually or group generated into the model
    Variations of reinforcement along soil nails
    Consideration of nail angle and horizontal spacing
    Nail, tieback or micro-pile functionalities

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