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OmniVar: Variogram Software

To properly assess the characteristics of any spatial data, it is necessary to determine the variability of the parameter of interest. The variogram is a simple tool for analyzing spatial variability. When properly understood, the variogram will allow the determination of adequate sample spacing, and provide the model parameters required for kriging.

OmniVar is a very simple variogram analysis tool. Although quite efficient, it should not be substituted for more robust programs where required. If the data under analysis displays anisotropic behavior, or if the variogram exhibits complex nested structures, then OmniVar may not be the best tool.

Variogram analysis is a subset of the broader field of geostatistics. Although geostatistics was originally developed for ore reserve valuation, it has much broader application. Some of the more recent fields that have discovered geostatistics range from the environmental analysis of soil contamination plumes, to enhanced image processing techniques. In the environmental field, technical analysis and regulatory requirements increasingly demand statistical evaluation of sampling plans, modeling data and model parameters.

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