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Software by  DC-Software  
Reinforced earth with geosynthetics acc. to Eurocode 7 (DIN EN 1997-1 with DIN 1054:2010, OENORM B 1997-1-1, NF EN 1997-1, BS EN 1997-1, UNI EN 1997-1 with NTC 2008 and free settings) / DIN 1054:2005 / SIA 267 / EBGEO 2010
Software by  Adama Engineering  
GeoCoPS is an interactive program for the design of geosynthetic tubes. For a given problem, the geometry of the tube and the circumferential and longitudinal required strength of the encapsulating geosynthetic are produced. The computations account for reduction ...
Software by  Fine Civil Engineering  
<p>This program is used for verification of mechanically stabilized earth walls and segmental retaining walls reinforced by geogrids (georeinforcements).</p>
Software by  Adama Engineering  
ReSlope is an interactive, design-oriented, program for geosynthetic-reinforced slopes. For a given problem including geosynthetic strength, reduction factors, and design safety factors, ReSlope produces the optimal layout (i.e., length and spacing) of reinforcement ...
Software by  Adama Engineering  
ReSSA (3.0) is an interactive program used to assess the rotational and translational stability of slopes.
Software by  Deep Excavation LLC  
Snail Plus is our soil nail analysis software. While soil nailing is also available in our DeepXcav software program, SnailPlus was created to bring all the necessary capabilities into one package. The software follows the FHWA methodology for the design of ...
Software by  FHWA  
<p>The current design process for soil nail earth retention systems is inefficient because multiple tools are needed for facing, internal/external, and global design. These tools do not communicate with one another, and are often used by different staff members. ...