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Geotechnical Finite Element Analysis

Geotechnical finite element analysis software can be found in this category. Finite element analysis in geotechnical engineering can be applied in various problems, such as slope stability, plane strain conditions, deep foundations, tunnel systems e.t.c.

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<p>AIR/W is a finite element CAD software product for analyzing groundwater-air interaction problems within porous materials such as soil and rock. Its comprehensive formulation allows you to consider analyses ranging from simple, saturated steady-state problems ...
Software by  CRISP Consortium  
CRISP2D for Windows comprises Pre- and Post-Processing Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), the finite element analysis program and a dedicated spreadsheet utility for printing data. It can be used for several geotechnical problems.
<p>CTRAN/W is a finite element CAD software product that can be used to model the movement of contaminants through porous materials such as soil and rock.</p>
Software by  Fine Civil Engineering  
<p>FEM &ndash; Consolidation is used to perform time dependent settlement analysis under foundations, embankments and surface loads (surcharges). Consolidation is an extension module of the FEM program for analysis of geotechnical problems.</p>
Software by  Fine Civil Engineering  
<p>This program can model and analyze a wide range of geotechnical problems, including terrain settlement, sheet piling/diaphragm walls, slope stability, excavation, tunnel analysis, steady or unsteady water flow analysis, consolidation analysis etc.</p>
Software by  GeoStru Software  
G.F.A.S. (Geotechnical and F.E.M. analysis System) is a recent product of Geostru Corporation for mechanical analysis of soil using finite elements methods.
<p>GeoStudio Basic Edition includes elementary features of SLOPE/W, SEEP/W, SIGMA/W, QUAKE/W, TEMP/W, CTRAN/W, AIR/W and VADOSE/W for solving slope stability and related geotechnical analyses .</p>
Software by  GGU  
The GGU-ELASTIC program can calculate plane and axis-symmetrical strain conditions on the basis of Hooke's law.
<p>Geotechnical Analysis System</p> <p>GTS NX is a comprehensive finite element analysis software package that is equipped to handle the entire range of geotechnical design applications including deep foundations, excavations, complex tunnel systems, seepage ...
Software by  MTR & Associates, Inc.  
<p>MTR/DYNA analyzes dynamic response of vibratory machine sets supported on rigid foundation at grade or on pile group in layered soil system over rigid base rock or uniform halfspace. The program also outputs foundation dynamic impedance in terms of constant-valued ...