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The Guardian   22 June 2017   Nigeria  
<p>Sir: Collapse of buildings is so rampant in Nigeria that there is hardly any day when it does not happen. This often causes loss of lives and property. This dangerous phenomenon can be caused by many factors.</p>
Montana Standard   20 June 2017   USA   Wise River, Montana  
<p>EarthBook Montana &mdash; a four-week series of Saturday classes on area geology &mdash; starts in the Wise River Community Building in Wise River at 9 a.m. Saturday, June 24.</p>
ABC7 Eyewitness News   20 June 2017   USA   New York  
<p>Emergency crews worked frantically to free a worker following an accident at a construction site in Queens Tuesday.<br />There was a massive sigh of relief when firefighters finally rescued the trapped construction worker and gave him hope for another day.<br ...
Filed under: Construction News   19 June 2017   Greenland   Nuugaatsiag  
<p>Over the weekend, a M=4.1 earthquake on Greenland&rsquo;s western coast caused a massive landslide, triggering a tsunami that inundated small settlements on the coast. At this stage, four people are feared to have died, nine others were injured, and 11 ...
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<p>For more than 15 years, Mr Fong went underground.<br>As the founder of a construction firm that specialises in geotechnical engineering services, he toiled at making sure that the soil is stable enough to be built on. But a few years ago, he threw in the ...
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Russian News Agency   18 June 2017   Russia   Laptev Sea  
<p>MOSCOW, June 18. /TASS/. Russian oil major Rosneft has discovered a new hydrocarbon deposit while drilling an exploration well in Khatanga Bay of the Laptev Sea in the east Arctic area, the company announced on Sunday.<br>The resource potential of the newly-discovered ...
Filed under: Economic Geology
ABC News   14 June 2017   Bangladesh   Rangamati  
<p>At least 147 people have died in Bangladesh and neighbouring regions of northeast India after heavy rains triggered a series of landslides and extensive flooding, officials said.</p> <p>Densely populated Bangladesh is battered by storms, floods and landslides ...
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npr   12 June 2017   Greece   Lesvos  
<p>A powerful earthquake Monday afternoon killed a woman and damaged buildings on the Greek island of Lesbos, according to the mayor.</p> <p>The earthquake, magnitude 6.3, was centered south of Lesbos in the Mediterranean Sea, according to the U.S. Geological ...
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Keep Talking Greece   10 June 2017   Greece   Amyndeo  
<p>At 10/6/2017 and around 11:00 in the morning local time, a large scale landslide occurred which affected almost the entire extent of the excavation at the Amyndeon Mine of the Lignite Center of Western Macedonia.<br><br>PPC had been extensively monitoring ...
Newsweek   06 June 2017   USA   Cleveland Utah  
<p>Scientists have finally solved a 100-year-old mystery about a dinosaur graveyard in Cleveland, Utah.<br />The Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry (CLDQ) was first discovered in the 1920s and excavations soon showed it was the densest deposit of Jurassic theropod ...