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Science Magazine   12 December 2017   China  
<p>Air pollution in China has led to higher rates of asthma, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes, and—according to The Lancet—it contributed to 1.1 million premature deaths in 2015 alone. But now researchers think they have found an unanticipated risk from ...   23 November 2017   USA   Kentucky  
<p>LEXINGTON, Ky. (Nov. 21, 2017) &mdash; Underground coal mines are tight spaces characterized by limited mobility and visibility. These are factors that cause difficulty for equipment operators and introduce serious risks for workers around haulage vehicles, ...
Symmetry magazine   22 November 2017   World  
<p>For the first time, scientists have measured the rate at which high-energy neutrinos are absorbed by our planet, a development that could lead to discoveries about physics and the Earth.</p>
The construction index   27 October 2017   UK   Edinburgh  
<p>Engineers at Heriot-Watt University have designed a &lsquo;sacrificial device&rsquo; for buildings that absorbs the impact of earthquakes or explosions to prevent or reduce damage.</p> <p>George Vasdravellis, assistant professor in structural engineering ...   25 October 2017   USA   MIT  
<p>Discarded plastic bottles could one day be used to build stronger, more flexible concrete structures, from sidewalks and street barriers, to buildings and bridges, according to a new study.</p> <p>MIT undergraduate students have found that, by exposing ...
Chronicle Live   19 October 2017   England   UK  
<p>Recalling the construction of the Tyne Tunnel - and its opening by the Queen on this day 50 years ago.</p><p>It’s 50 years today since the first of the two Tyne Tunnels was officially opened by Her Majesty the Queen.</p><p>The tunnels are a triumph of engineering ...   12 October 2017   UK   Glasgow  
<p>Professor Rebecca Lunn MBE of the University of Strathclyde has extended her well-established partnership with BAM Nuttall by taking up the five-year post of BAM Nuttall / RAEng Research Chair in Biomineral Technologies for Ground Engineering.</p> <p>Professor ...
Express   04 October 2017   USA   New York  
<p>EARTH&rsquo;S most devastating extinction was triggered by Siberian volcanic eruptions 250 million years ago, scientists claim.</p> <p>Hardly any species survived the Great Permian Extinction, known as the &ldquo;Great Dying&rdquo;.</p> <p>The event wiped ...
Daily Nation   01 October 2017   Kenya   Baringo County  
<p>Baringo County is set to host a global geopark, the second in Africa after Morocco and the first in sub-Saharan Africa.<br>A geopark is a unified area with geological heritage of international significance. It uses its rich history to promote awareness ...
Daily Mail   26 September 2017   Iraq   Sulaymaniyah  
<p>Alexander the Great's 'lost city' was a magical place where people drank wine and naked philosophers imparted wisdom, ancient accounts claim.</p> <p>Now, nearly 2,000 years after the great warrior's death, archaeologists believe the city may have finally ...