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ABC News   24 January 2018   Philippines  
<p>Lava fountaining regularly from the Philippines' most active volcano has flowed up to 3 kilometers (1.86 miles) from the crater in a dazzling but increasingly dangerous eruption.</p> <p>Mount Mayon has spewed lava up to 600 meters (2,000 feet) high at times ...
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ABC News   07 January 2018   Papua New Guinea  
<p>A remote island volcano in Papua New Guinea has begun spewing ash into the air, forcing the evacuation of more than 500 residents, media and non-profit groups have said.</p> <p>Kadovar Island, a 365-metre tall volcano on the north coast of PNG, was thought ...
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ABC News   12 October 2017   Japan  
<p>A volcano in southwestern Japan is erupting for the first time in six years, spewing ash over nearby farms, cities and towns.</p> <p>Japanese broadcaster TBS showed elementary school students wearing helmets and masks Thursday on the way to their school ...
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Express   04 October 2017   USA   New York  
<p>EARTH&rsquo;S most devastating extinction was triggered by Siberian volcanic eruptions 250 million years ago, scientists claim.</p> <p>Hardly any species survived the Great Permian Extinction, known as the &ldquo;Great Dying&rdquo;.</p> <p>The event wiped ...   27 September 2017   Republic of Vanuatu   South Pacific  
<p>Vanuatu's Government has declared a state of emergency after an erupting volcano forced at least 6,000 people to flee their homes on the island of Ambae.</p> <p>The Manaro volcano has been active since 2005, but a recent increase in activity has raised ...
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