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EYEWITNESS NEWS   17 April 2017   Sri Lanka   Colombo  
<p>Rescue workers cleared mud and debris from a landslide at a giant rubbish dump in the Sri Lankan capital for a fourth day on Monday, as the death toll rose to 29 and uncertainty remained over the number of people missing.</p> <p>The 90-metre dump in the ...
The Imalayan Times   27 July 2016   Nepal   Kathmandu  
<p>KATHMANDU: More than 70 people lost their life in floods and landslides in several districts of eastern, central and western Nepal since Monday.</p> <p>The Ministry of Home Affairs, however, said on Wednesday evening that 66 people are confirmed dead. The ...
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F. World   03 July 2016   China   Guizhou  
<p>Beijing: At least 23 people have been killed and seven others injured after torrential rains triggered a massive landslide in southwest China's Guizhou Province, officials said on Sunday.</p>
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<p>At least 12 people have died in a landslide Tuesday in northern Myanmar&rsquo;s jade mining region. The tragedy hit Kachin state&rsquo;s Hpakant town just five months after a similar incident there left dozens of people missing.</p>
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Znews   23 May 2016   India   Dehradun  
<p>Dehradun: At least 11 people, including a woman and two children, have been killed and many injured in Uttarakhand in a storm, police said on Monday.</p> <p>The storm struck some parts of the hill state late on Sunday and triggered a landslide that entrapped ...
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Daily Mail   19 May 2016   Sri Lanka   Aranayke  
<p>ARANAYAKE, Sri Lanka &mdash; Defying forecasts, sheets of rain were still falling Thursday on a rubble-strewn mountainside in the tea-and-cinnamon district of Sri Lanka, two days after a landslide buried three hamlets and dozens of residents who never heard ...
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The Guardian   18 May 2016   Sri Lanka   Kegalle district  
<p>Torrential rains and flooding across country force more than 137,000 people from their homes, with 36 confirmed dead.</p> <p>Rescuers are looking for more than 200 families who are missing following massive landslides in a remote area on the slopes of Sri ...
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The Indian Express   09 May 2016   China   Taining County  
<p>At least 10 people have been killed while 31 others remain missing in a massive landslide that engulfed the construction site of a hydropower station in China&rsquo;s southeastern Fujian Province.<br /><br />Thirteen people who were rescued have been admitted ...
Phys Org   26 April 2016   Nepal   Nepal landslides  
<p>With the monsoon fast approaching, the landslide risk in Nepal remains high a year after a magnitude-7.8 earthquake that killed more than 8,000 people, according to a University of Michigan-led research team.</p><p>The April 25, 2015, earthquake struck ...
The Guardian   04 April 2016   Pakistan   Peshawar  
<p>Rescuers are attempting to reach thousands of people stranded by floods and landslides in Pakistan&rsquo;s north-west and parts of Kashmir after the death toll rose to 55.</p>
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