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ITA - AITES   07 August 2017   Switzerland  
<p>From 13th to 16th November the leading international specialists in Tunnelling industry will gather in Paris for the AFTES Congress and a special day on November 15th : a one-day event dedicated to the presentation of the finalists&rsquo; projects followed ...
The Guardian   12 December 2016   Switzerland   Europe  
<p>Regular passenger trains start using the 35-mile Gotthard Base tunnel, which took 17 years to build.</p><p>Regular rail service through the world’s longest tunnel has begun, carrying passengers deep under the Swiss Alps from Zurich to Lugano.</p><p>The ...
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Gizmodo   01 June 2016   Switzerland   Gotthard  
<p>After 17 years of construction, the Gotthard Base Tunnel opens today. This feat of engineering is a 35-mile high-speed rail connection beneath the Swiss Alps and is now the longest transit tunnel in the world. You better believe that Hyperloop engineers ...
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The Telegraph   31 May 2016   Switzerland   Gotthard  
<p>We approached the innocuous door in the side of a mountain with little idea what was on the other side of the roller shutter. We journalists on board were lucky: we were about to get a sneak preview of the world&rsquo;s longest railway tunnel before the ...
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Business Insider   25 August 2015   Switzerland   Swiss Alps  
<p>The Swiss Alps are an unforgiving landscape of rugged, rocky peaks and lush, green valleys. Connecting communities that would be otherwise isolated by the vast mountain range &mdash; including cultural and economic hubs like Zurich, Milan, and Turin &mdash; ...
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Watch Pro   15 June 2015   Switzerland   Gotthard  
<p>Mondaine will take on its biggest timing job yet when it assumes timing responsibilities for the world&rsquo;s longest railway tunnel later this year.</p> <p>The 57km Gotthard Base Tunnel will open in June next year in Switzerland, providing a new rail ...
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TIME   09 April 2015   Switzerland   Gotthard  
<p>A record-breaking train tunnel could provide a badly needed shortcut through the Swiss Alps.</p><p>At 57 km, the Gotthard Base Tunnel will be the longest rail tunnel in the world once it opens for use in mid-2016.</p>
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RT   16 March 2015   Switzerland  
<p>Witnesses reported seeing a green and white meteor flying over Switzerland on Sunday evening, with several dash-cam recordings soaring in popularity on social media sites. Some even reported hearing loud explosions along with the bright lights.</p><p>The ...
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