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Software by  VJ Tech  
The VJ Tech Clisp Studio Bender Software module enables the User to perform non-destructive tests for determination of the small strain shear modulus (GMax) of soft and stiff clays. The software is used with the VJ Tech Bender Scope and uses transmitter and ...
Software by  VJ Tech  
he VJ Tech Clisp Studio CBR Software module enables the User to perform California Bearing Ratio tests to evaluate the load-bearing capacity of soils used for building roads. . The software is ideally used with the VJ Tech Triplex II Advanced frame (which ...
<p>ORMAS is a free software for determining rock mass strength parameters, based on the Generalized Hoek-Brown failure criterion. The first version of this program was written in matlab as part of a college project in my previous life and recently I decided ...
Software by  Arnold Verruijt  
<p>Theory and problems of poroelasticity.</p>
Software by  RocScience  
<p>RocData is a versatile toolkit for the analysis of rock and soil strength data, and the determination of strength envelopes and other physical parameters. RocData now includes RocProp, a database of intact rock properties that runs as a standalone application.<br ...
Software by  EasySolve Software LLC  
<p>Determination of hydraulic conductivity of porous media from grain size composition is an old idea. The Hazen Formula was derived in 1892 and is still the most widely recognized method of its type. In general, studies have shown that the hydraulic conductivity ...
Software by  Arnold Verruijt  
<p>Programs for "Soil dynamics": LineLoad, StripLoad, etc.</p>
Software by  Arnold Verruijt  
<p>Summary and Exercises of Soil Mechanics.</p>