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Software by  Geosysta Ltd  
<p>Drillysis is a cloud based <strong>borehole log database</strong>, which can be accessed from any device (PC, Laptop, tablet or smartphone) from anywhere, requiring just an internet connection.</p> <p>Drillysis in its core is a <strong>borehole log application</strong>, ...
Software by  Keynetix Ltd  
<p>Combining sophisticated drawing tools with a powerful relational database, KeyCSM improves the quality of Conceptual Site Models produced for Contaminated Land Reports and aids compliance with standards such as BS10175:2001 and ASTM E1689 &ndash; 95(2008). ...
Standalone 4D Interactive Model Player offers playback of 4DIM models (animations where each frame is an interactive 3D model) in a standalone application licensed with a C Tech Hardware Key. Licenses the computer with the key attached. C Tech also offers ...
Software by  Geologismiki  
<p>BLogPro is a bore log software that will help users to create simple soil borehole logs specially adjusted for the Geotechnical Engineer. The pages created include the most commonly used input data such as technical log data, stratigraphy data and laboratory ...
<p>DATA IMPORT<br />Borehole image data from a variety of tools including acoustic televiewer, optical televiewer, corescanned images, FMI, FMS, CAST, CBIL, UBI and STAR and Sondex MIT are supported.<br />For data available in LIS/DLIS format files, you will ...
Software by  DC-Software  
The program is used for performing bore hole logging for various types of boreholes.
Software by  DC-Software  
Determination and display of the heat extraction of geothermal borings, alternatively at the bore profile or in a separate table
Software by  DC-Software  
Display of the soil layers acc. toVDIN 4023:2006, NORM B 4401, SN 640 034, British Standard BS 5930
Software by  DC-Software  
Basic version for Windows. Display of the soil layers acc. toVDIN 4023:2006, NORM B 4401, SN 640 034, British Standard BS 5931