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Terms and Conditions of sale of advertising space



"Ad" means any advertisement published by Geosysta Ltd, from now on called Geotechpedia on web site on behalf of an Advertiser.

"Advertiser" means the customer or company that orders an advertisement to Geotechpedia under an applicable Terms and Conditions.

"Terms and Conditions" means a mutually agreed Insertion Order that incorporates these Terms and Conditions under which geotechpedia will deliver Ads on or other affiliate internet site for the benefit of the Advertiser.

"Advertising sales order" shall be the contract to publish one or more ads or presentations on line via the Internet, for the purpose of circulation and promotion.


Ad material can be made up of a picture with or without text, a company logo, a series of logos and texts (banners), a highlighted area containing a text or a picture or a logo which will be provided by the Advertiser. Ad is a sensitive area which when clicked up on, initiates a connection and redirects the site user to a different on-line location via a url provided by the Advertiser. Ad specifications such as logo dimensions, picture formatting, text formatting etc will be the responsibility of Geotechpedia. Ads need to conform to the specifications and content restrictions provided by Geotechpedia. Geotechpedia reserves the right not to publish or to remove any listing that it deems unsuitable or in breach of the terms and conditions. Geotechpedia will not be held liable for any advertising content supplied by the Advertiser. The Advertiser agrees to indemnify Geotechpedia and take full responsibility against any and all actions, claims, costs and demands arising from any advertising content provided, regarding any copyright infringement of the ad material the Advertiser has provided. Geotechpedia reserves the right to immediately and without prior notice remove an Ad if it has been notified or otherwise came under geotechpedia's knowledge that an ad material is violating copyright laws.


The ad is provided by the Advertiser to geotechpedia for review before on-line placement. The position, specifications and type of the ad have been presented to the Advertiser prior to on line publication via the advertisement kit. The ad position and type are selected by the Advertiser prior to on line publication. Geotechpedia is providing a reasonably balanced delivery schedule of ad exposure on web pages. Geotechpedia will not be responsible for any delay or failure to provide services to the Advertiser or his business that is caused by reasons beyond geotechpedia’s control or due to any technical problems or fault outside the organization.


By accepting these terms and conditions you agree to pay the fees presented in the e-mailed Advertising sales order sent to you. The ad will not be made visible prior to payment confirmation. After the payment confirmation, you will automatically receive an invoice with the payment information, ad placement and visibility duration. The fee quoted in your Advertising sales order includes the appropriate VAT. In case of any change in VAT rate, your agreed payment will not in any way be modified for the duration of the ad visibility time you have ordered. Your invoice(s) may be assigned by us only to TAX Authorities, but may not be assigned by you without our prior written consent to any other third parties except Tax authorities. No other hidden costs will be in effect other than the fees clearly stated in the Advertising sales order you have received by e-mail. The fee stated in the Advertising sales order will be the same in the invoice sent to you unless otherwise agreed in written by the Advertiser and geotechpedia.


The agreement between geotechpedia and the Advertiser, to provide exposure of the ad or ads for a predefined period of time in a reasonably balanced delivery schedule will be prepaid for the whole time duration agreed. The Advertiser will be notified 20 days, 10 days and 3 days prior to the expiration of his acquired visibility time. If after these notifications the Advertiser has not expressed the interest to renew or modify his contract, the ad or ads placed will be removed from pages. The Advertiser can cancel his advertising order, 10 days after placement with full payment refund and until 30 days after placement, with half payment refund. The refund will be bank transferred to the bank details the advertiser will provide. After 30 days the ad may be canceled and removed but no refund will be made.


Geotechpedia makes available to the Advertisers real time ad reporting via its online electronic ad reporting tool. Reports are fully automated and can be broken down by day or month and summarize the impressions, clicks on ads, impressions to click ratios, in tabulated and graphical format.


Geotechpedia will not compromise your privacy in any way. We will not share, sell or provide any personal information to third parties except official State authorities under government law.


The Advertiser can submit their Ad payment only when they have read and accepted these terms and conditions. By accepting these terms and conditions it is understood that they have been fully empowered to do so and that all necessary action to authorize their execution of this agreement has been taken. Each individual further accepts that if this authority has not been granted, they will be fully liable for all claims that may consequently be made by the company as if they had personally been a party to this agreement. Each individual executing this terms and conditions agree that he/she is entering this agreement on the basis of the clauses in the agreement and is not reliant upon any other representations. These Terms and Conditions apply to all new and existing customers and do not affect your statutory rights.