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GEO5 Intuitive software for geotechnical analysis

GEO5 is designed to solve most geotechnical tasks, from the basic ones (verification of foundations, retaining walls, excavations), up to highly specialized programs (analysis of tunnels, building damage due to tunneling, rock stability). Each program solves definite structure type, so the customer can only select those he needs.

GEO5 software is based on traditional analytical methods as well as Finite Element Method (FEM). Analytical verification methods (e.g. slope stability, sheeting check) provide effective and rapid structure design and verification. It is possible to transfer the analytical model into the FEM program, where the structure is verified by the finite element method. The comparison of two independent solutions contributes to increasing the safety and objectivity.

Geotechnical methods applied in GEO5 software are used all around the world. GEO5 adopts a unique system of implementing standards and partial factors, which are separate from the structure input. GEO5 has a database of standards, however it is possible to create own settings.

Download the demo version (currently available in 14 languages) and evaluate GEO5 software  and without any analysis limitations. Also documentation (online help) and training materials (engineering manuals, tutorials) are available.

Fine company has been developing and supplying structural and geotechnical engineering software since 1989. Today, we have more than 3000 satisfied users in more than 105 countries all over the worlds.

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