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<p>The Automatic Soil Compactor replaces the hand compaction procedure as specified for dry density/moisture content relationship of soil.<br><br><br></p>
<p>The grain size distribution of soil fraction passing through 75 micron IS sieve can be carried out as per IS:2720 (Part-IV) by pipette method or by hydrometer method.</p>
<p>The test is performed as per IS:2720 (part V) gives the moisture content at which a soil passes from the plastic to the liquid state. The apparatus required for conducting the test is manufactured as per IS:9259.</p>
<p>The test gives the minimum moisture content at which the soil ceases to shrink on drying. It is performed as per IS:10077, IS:2720(Part VI)</p>
<p>The pocket penetrometer is regarded as a simple tool to aid the engineers in field exploration and in checking and comparing similar types of soil, but it can never be used to obtain foundation design data. This light weight penetrometer is used in the ...