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Pneumatic Piezometer

Pneumatic Piezometers are used to assess performance and investigating stability of earth fill dam embankments, in slope stability investigations, monitoring water levels in wells and standpipes and pressures behind retaining walls and diaphragm walls. Pneumatic Piezometers have an unsurpassed record for long-term stability and reliability in more than 50,000 worldwide installations. Pneumatic Piezometers utilise a direct reading pneumatically operated diaphragm, making operation simple while ensuring long-term stability and high accuracy at a low cost. Employing the lowest (0.002cc) displacement available, measurements can be made under essentially zero volume change conditions. Time lag problems are minimised, and accuracy improved. Pneumatic Piezometers are assembled to client specified length, tested, calibrated, and ready to install.
Sensitivity: 0.1% F.S
Displacement: 0.002 cc
Materials: Nylon 12 with EP diaphragm
Accuracy: ±0.25% F.S.
Standard Resolution: 1 kPa / 0.1 psi or 0.1 kPa / 0.01 psi with C-108 readout.
Repeatability: ±0.35 kPa / ±0.05 psi
Range: 0-2000 kPa / 0-200 psi withstandard C-108 readout and T-102 tubing
Linear Range: 21-2000 kPa / 3-200 psi withstandard C-108 readout and T-102 tubing
Max Range: 0-14,000 kPa / 0-2000 psi


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