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FPC-2 Pneumatic Piezometer

The FPC-2 pneumatic piezometer consists of a thin flexible diaphragm on which is applied the fluid pressure. During readout this pressure is balanced by an externally applied nitrogen gas pressure. The readings are obtained when the external gas pressure is equal to the porewater pressure acting on the reverse side of the diaphragm. The volume change associated with pressurization of the diaphragm is extremely small and consequently the response time is very low, even in low permeability soils as clays.

The design and the materials (brass or stainless steel) used in the construction of the FPC-2 make it particularly suitable for use in both short- and long-term monitoring programs where ruggedness, stability and reliability are required. An integrated filter on the input gas line prevents the entry of foreign particles into the piezometer.

FPC-2 pneumatic piezometers are available with low-air or high-air entry filters. Two models are available: model FPC-2 for borehole installation and model FPC- 2D to be pushed into soft soil.


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