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DiTeSt HDPE Strain Sensor

The DiTeSt HDPE Strain sensor is a unique sensor for the evaluation of distributed strain over several kilometers.

The DiTeSt HDPE Strain sensor is used in a wide range of applications that require distributed strain sensing, such as soil movement and ground monitoring just to name a few.

The DiTeSt HDPE Strain sensor is a small flexible mini armored fiber optic strain sensing cable with central metal tube, metallic armoring wires and HDPE outer sheath. The central metallic tube contains 1 optical fiber offering a strange range up to 1 %.

This sensor is particularly suitable for outdoors environment for direct burial applications, both ground and concrete.

Thanks to the special package design, the DiTeSt HDPE Strain sensor offers high tensile strength, crush resistance, longitudinal lateral water tightness, abrasion resistance with an optimized outer sheath to improve strain transfer and excellent rodent protection.

The DiTeSt HDPE strain sensor is fully compatible with the DiTeSt system and all its accessories.



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