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GTR 790

In addition to the GTR 780’s functionality this rig can be equipped with hydraulic breaker hammers or rotary drive heads. The dynamic probing rig on crawler GTR 790 has been developed from the GTR 780 version. Powered by a reliable Honda GX 390 petrol engine it is designed to support different add-on components. For example, dynamic probing operations with SPT characteristics or shallow core drilling can be carried out. Laid out as a fully hydraulic machine with integrated auto reverse valve and folding mast it features lateral steel boxes for rods and tools and take-up brackets for the hydraulic rod extraction unit, clamps, ground plate and an weather protection umbrella. The GTR 790 is a modern state-of-the-art soil investigation rig and the industry standard.

Technical Data
Engine: Honda GX 390
Cylinder: 1
Fuel: Petrol
Performance at 3.600 RPM: 8,7 kW / 11,7 PS
Torque at 3.000 RPM: 26,5 Nm
Displacement: 389 cm³
Tank: 6,1 l
Oil Capacity: 1,1 l


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