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GEORIG 220 is designed for CPT/CPTU and static penetration and has a pushing capacity of 200 kN. With optional equipment it is also possible to perform dynamic sounding/SPT, vane testing and sampling.
The feed force is adjustable from 0 up to 200 kN. Equipped with an overload control unit it is also possible to pre-set a maximum resistance when the hydraulics should be shut off, this is collected from the point resistance in the probe.
The main cylinders who are used for pushing and pulling is controlled by two valves which one is adjustable for pre-setting to appropriate speed (eg. 20mm/sec for CPT) and the other is "full" speed.

Technical specification:
Engine:      25 kW Diesel, 3 cylinder                  
Stroke:       1500 mm            
Push force, max:          200 kN            
Pull force, max:     200 kN            
Weight:        2 000 - 2 500 kg depending on equipment
Length:      2650 mm
Width:      1660 mm
Height:      1790 mm



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