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Linear Potentiometer Readout - Model RB-100

The Model RB-100 Linear Potentiometer Readout is designed to read Geokon’s range of Model 1500 Linear Potentiometers. The unit utilizes a high resolution, 4.5 digit LCD digital voltmeter with circuitry to power and read out the potentiometers. A three wire ratio-metric system is used to minimize errors caused by long lead lengths and varying temperatures. In use, a regulated voltage is applied to the ends of the potentiometer resistance element and the position of a wiper, that rides along the element, can be determined by the voltage measured at this point.

Input Range:2, 4 or 6 in
Resolution¹:0.001 in
Accuracy:±0.1% F.S.
Temperature Range:0°C to +50°C
L × W × H;102 × 165 × 232 mm

¹The RB-100 is available in English measure only.



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