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High Temperature Hot Liquid Rated (HLR) Geomembrane Liners

This latest innovation in geomembrane liner technology is the patent pending HLR (Hot Liquid Rated) Series of geomembrane liners. With its unique blend of special resins and additive package, this series of hot liquid resistant (high temperature) geomembrane liners offers the same hydrostatic strength and long-term durability as traditional HDPE geomembrane liners at typical service temperatures.

The HLR series was specifically developed for applications where the geomembrane liners will be in contact with hot fluids or exposed to hot environments. Such applications include:
    Hot Fluid discharges
    Brine Ponds
    Hot Lixiviate Landfills
    Geothermal Ponds
    Tailing Dams
    Petrochemichal Secondary Containment

We also carry a High Temperature HDPE geomembrane liner specifically engineered to retain its mechanical and physical properties when exposed to temperatures up to 212oF.

Nilex offers geomembrane installation, design assistance, fabrication and construction services for containment applications.


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