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A-Jacks protects channel boundaries from scour and erosion by dissipating energy to resist the erosive forces of flowing water. A-Jacks armor units are assembled into continuous, flexible matrix modules which provide protection against high velocity flows.

A-Jacks are high stability concrete armor units designed to interlock into a flexible, highly permeable matrix. A-Jacks can be installed either individually or in modules. The interstices formed within the A-Jacks matrix provide approximately 40% void space in the uniform placement pattern. The voids provide habitat for fish and other marine life when applied as a reef, revetment or as a soil support system in river applications. Whether or not A-Jacks are applied as a revetment on riverbanks or lakeshores, the voids may be backfilled with suitable soils and planted with a variety of vegetation including grasses, shrubs and trees above the normal base flow.

    Shoreline stabilization
    Stream and riverbank restoration
    Energy dissipation
    Bridge scour protection
    Habitat creation



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