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ArmorFlex mats provide flexible, hydraulically stable protection in high-flow, high-scour applications. Its unique design, where each interior block in a mat is interlocked by six other adjacent blocks, helps it meet all four standards for Articulating Concrete Blocks (ACBs) set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), at the time of the 2016 standards update.

Applications include channel lining, shoreline protection, boat ramps, pipeline and cable protection and bridge abutment protection. ArmorFlex is also used as an energy dissipater/splash pad in containment applications. When combined with a site-specific geotextile filter, it provides hydraulic stability and predictability with the ability to vegetate.

ArmorFlex has proven to be an aesthetic and functional alternative to rock riprap, gabions, structural concrete and other heavy-duty, durable erosion protection systems. The precast concrete blocks are cabled into pre-assembled mats and lifted into place once on site. ArmorFlex is easy to install and can reduce overall project costs.


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