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B160 XP Hydraulic Pilling Rig

The Casagrande B160 XP is a machine dedicated to giving the specialist contractor equipment to perform large diameter rotary and CFA piling. It is the result of research and innovation based on over 50 years of experience and success of the company in the fi eld of foundations and geotechnical engineering.
Designed to work on the most difficult sites and has excellent technical characteristics: 160 kN high speed winch for fast work, the H16 rotary head has a maximum torque output of 160 kNm and speed up to 33 rpm, it is ideal for drilling large and small diameter boreholes.

Max depth     50 m     
Max diameter     1500 mm     
Engine power     168 kW     
Width of crawler 2500÷3700 mm     
Shoes width     600 mm   

MAIN WINCH         
Line pull     160 kN     
Line pull     70 kN     
CROWD – RAM         
Extraction force 205 kN     
Crowd force     140 kN     
Stroke         5200 mm     
ROTARY HEAD         
Torque         160 kNm     
Drilling speed     32 rpm     
Weight in working condition     41 t


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