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B275 XP-2 Hydraulic Pilling Rig

The Casagrande B275 XP2 is a multifunction machine designed to drill boreholes, to insert and extract casings, to power a of casing oscillator, for piling by the continuous flight auger method and ready for conversion in diaphragm wall equipment.

Max depth         78 m     
Max diameter         2000 mm     
Engine power         336 kW     4
Width of crawler     3000÷4500 mm     
Shoes width         900 mm     
MAIN WINCH         
Line pull         270 kN     
Line pull         96 kN     
CROWD – RAM         
Extraction force     350 kN     
Crowd force         220 kN     
Stroke             6500 mm     
CROWD – WINCH         
Extraction force     400 kN     
Crowd force         400 kN     
Stroke             15000 mm     
ROTARY HEAD         
Torque             300 kNm     
Drilling speed         29 rpm     
Weight in working condition     90 t    


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