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LC™6 Reverse Circulation Drill

Compact and Powerful the LCTM6 (RC6) features a powerful Deutz air cooled diesel engine that produces 72 kW (96 hp) with a maximum breaking torque of 20.5 kNm (15,120 lb-ft) and 5.5 tons of pull back. The LCTM6 measures only 6.3 M (L) x 1.9 M (W) x 2.7 M (H) and weighs less than 8,000 kg resulting in a compact, light and powerful drill. Hydraulic side shift for easy rod-pulling and clear access to center line. Standard safety features include a safety cage, low speed and low torque rotation for safe rod management. The dual RC swivel eliminates the need for a separate lower inlet and top outlet swivel. Powerful steel crawlers ensure mobility on difficult terrain. The optional cyclone & splitter is mounted on a 4-wheel trailer to save space and weight on the drill and provides additional storage space for the sample collection hose and tools.



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