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LX™16 Multi-Purpose Drill

The LX™16 (KWL™1600) is a robust and versatile drill that can be configured for both reverse drilling (RC) and diamond drilling applications. The highest quality hydraulic pumps and motors available have been integrated into this powerful design to create a reliable machine that can cope with the toughest conditions. With an optional RC rod handler, this multi-purpose drill is a market leader in safety and performance. Designed with power to spare, separate pumps for major functions deliver full power at anytime. 16.4 ton pull back, rope over cylinder mast with 7.5 m head traverse. Boart Longyear™ RC rod handler. Acoustic enclosure for power pack. 2 speed top drive head with floating spindle suitable for both diamond and RC drilling. Top mounted main line hoist & wire line. UDR rod spinner & power breakouts to make / break rods.



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