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Electromechanical Dynamic Cyclic Simple Shear (EMDCSS)

A cylindrical soil specimen is laterally confined by Teflon coated low friction retaining rings, ensuring a constant cross sectional area. Vertical displacement may be prevented whilst shear force loading is applied, therefore constant volume conditions are enforced, i.e Simple Shear. Technical specification: Overall dimensions and weight = 1200mm (H) x 500mm (L) X 770mm (W), Weight = 160kg. Electrical specification = 240V or 110V 50/60Hz 1 ph. Data acquisition = integrated with control module with 8 (+/- 10V range) input channels, 16 bit A/D converters. Control module = closed-loop control feedback system integrated with data acquisition module. Twin feedback 16bit control channels, dedicated USB communication interface. Displacement range: axial = +/- 25mm, shear = +/- 15mm: Accuracy = <0.1% FSO (In practice, axial range is +/-50mm to aid sample placement, however measured stroke is +/- 25mm). Measured Displacement for test (low range LVDT’s): axial = +/- 2.5mm, shear = +/- 2.5mm: Accuracy = <0.1% FSO Displacement resolution = 16 bit (i.e. +/- 20mm = 0.6μm, +/-15mm = +/- 0.5μm, +/- 2.5mm = <0.1μm). Force accuracy = <0.1% of load cell range on both axial and shear (i.e. 5N for 5kN load cell, 10N for 10kN load cell). Force resolution = 16 bit (i.e. <0.2N for 5kN load cell, <0.4N for 10kN load cell). Control data points per cycle = 5,000@1Hz, 1,000@5Hz.

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