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Automatic Oedometer System (GDSAOS)

The GDS Automatic Oedometer System (GDSAOS) is the modern replacement for a traditional hanging weight oedometer. The GDSAOS is a self contained stepper motor driven unit that can be controlled either manually using its Smart Keypad or from a PC using the USB interface. There is no requirement for compressed air or manually placed weights. When used with the GDSLAB control and data acquisition software, the GDSAOS can be used for a complete array of tests beyond those which a hanging weight oedometer can perform. Technical Specification: National/International standards: BS1377/5, ASTM D2435, ASTM D3877, ASTM D4546, EN ISO/TS 17892/5, AASHTO T216. Displacement resolution/accuracy: 0.0003mm, 0.15% (0.030mm), Load resolution/accuracy: 0.001kN / 0.15%FRO, Consolidation range: 19.5mm to 4.5mm (15mm), Compatible Cell Types: Fixed ring, floating ring, fixed ring permeability (register on platen is standard 40mm), Height from base to Top Plate: 180mm, Height from base to lift plate operating position: 225mm, Max height from base to top of  columns: 408mm, Power supply: 110 to 240 AC Volt Input, 60Watts.

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