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DM30: Rotary blasthole drill rig - Mid rang

Rotary or DTH drilling up to 63/4" (171 mm) - Multi-pass. The DM30 is a crawler mounted, hydraulic tophead drive, multi-pass rotary drilling rig specifically designed for production blasthole drilling to depths of 90 ft (27.4 m) with a 30 ft (9.1 m) drill pipe change. An optional 4-rod carousel supports drilling to depths of 150 ft (45.7 m). Nominal diameter is 5 in to 6? in (127 to 171 mm). The DM30 generates a bit load force of up to 30,000 lbf (133 kN). An angle-drilling option is also available. Utilizing a diesel engine to drive the air compressor and hydraulic system, the DM30 can be configured for low pressure rotary or high pressure DTH drilling.

Product series:  Mid-range drilling rigs  | Drilling method:  Rotary and DTH - Multi pass  | Hole diameter:  127 - 171, 127 - 171 mm | Hydraulic pulldown:  133 kN | Hydraulic pullback:  44 kN | Weight on bit:  13600 kg | Single pass depth:  7.90 m | Maximum hole depth:  45 m | Estimated weight:  28 t


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