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DML-SP Rotary blasthole drill rig - Mid-range

The Atlas Copco DML-SP is a crawler mounted, hydraulic table drive, rotary drilling rig specifically designed for production blasthole drilling to depths up to 60 ft (18.3 m) in a single pass without a pipe change. Tower options are available for both a 50 ft and a 60 ft clean hole tower with angle drilling as an option. The DML-SP is ideal in soft non-abrasive applications which are suitable for kelly bar drilling. There is also an optional angle drilling package that allows the tower to be positioned up to 30 degrees from the vertical position.

Product series:  Mid-range drilling rigs  | Drilling method:  Rotary and DTH - Single pass  | Hole diameter:  152 - 251, 152 - 251 mm | Hydraulic pulldown:  240 kN | Hydraulic pullback:  240 kN | Weight on bit:  24500 kg | Single pass depth:  15.20 m | Single pass depth, option:  18.30 m | Maximum hole depth:  15.20 m | Estimated weight:  41 - 45 t



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