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In order to characterize the geotechnical properties of Tabriz Marl results of several laboratory tests on specimens produced from subsoil studies were evaluated. It was concluded that the Tabriz Marl might be considered as a high liquid limit silt or clay (MH & CH). Range of changes of index, physical and mechanical properties of the Tabriz Marl are comparatively vast. Correlations between these properties have been introduced in this paper. The liquid limit and plastic limit range from 32 to 100 and 7 to 60, respectively, depending on the silt and carbonate content of natural specimen. There is a very reasonable correlation between moisture content and dry density. However, the results of directional mechanical tests indicate that reasonable correlation between different mechanical properties of intact specimens is hardly possible. This is attributed to
the anisotropy of Tabriz Marl. The degree of anisotropy is evaluated with directional loading of specimens. A representative specimen was tested for swell potential after compaction. Swell percent and pressure as high as
13.6 % and 1020 kPa were measured, and need for treatment was proved. The results of addition of lime and fibres over the compacted specimens , as a fill material, are presented. An inspection of mass specimens and cut slopes and other Earth works in Tabriz Marl indicate that the Tabriz marl, in common with many other overconsolidated grounds, contains several discontinuities as beddings and tectonically planes and fissures. In addition, there are scattered pockets and lenses of gypsum that are being diluted into the plain water that is discharged into the ground through rainfall discharge wells. This in turn causes gradual changes in engineering properties of the mass marl ground. Results of laboratory and field observations are presented.
The 10th IAEG International Congress, Nottingham, United Kingdom, 6-10 September 2006, Paper number 335
Civil Engineering Faculty, Tabriz University, Iran
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