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The installation of Rockfall Protection Structures (RPS) for the mitigation of risk may be permitted in areas where the risk of rockfall is judged to be unacceptable for residential activities, and where properly engineered RPS can be demonstrated to reduce the risk to an acceptable level. Rockfall Protection Structures cannot be relied upon to eliminate risk; there will remain a level of residual risk regardless of how well they are designed and constructed.
The purpose of this Technical Guideline is to provide guidance to property owners, engineers, planners, consultants, contractors and others who may wish to engage in the evaluation, design, consenting and/or construction and ongoing maintenance of RPS. This document is not a construction standard but sets out some, though not necessarily all, of the matters to be considered in planning, design and construction of Rockfall Protection Structures, specifically RPS for protection against rock (boulder) roll.

Technical Guideline for Rockfall Protection Structures Version 2 Final March 2013
Christchurch City Council
New Zealand
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