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<p>These guidelines were written for use by the NYSDOT and their consultants. In the event that the information in the guidelines is used by other municipalities, the responsibilities for the various tasks contained herein are to be borne by that municipality, ...
This report describes three centrifuge tests carried out as part of the NEMISREF project, at 50g,to investigate the behaviour of inclined, non-load-bearing micro-piles as a liquefactionremediation measure for existing buildings.
Reference: Cambridge University Engineering Department Technical Report CUED/D-SOILS/TR. 345 (2006)
The use of micropiles has grown significantly since their conception in the 1950s, and in particular since the mid-1980s. Micropiles have been used mainly as foundation support elements to resist static and seismic loads, and to a lesser extent, as in-situ ...
Reference: FHWA-NHI-05-039
<p>Micropiles are used for many applications, including underpinning existing foundations. Improving of technique is required to support large loads and quick control methods are demanded. Under this project, a micropile test site was established at Algete ...