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To investigate the dynamic weakening mechanisms activated during seismic slip in thermally unstable rocks, we performed 34 experiments at room temperature and humidity conditions with a high-velocity rotary shear friction apparatus
Reference: GEOLOGY, January 2011 v.39
To understand the reason why the co-seismic slip and tsunami amplitudes were so high in this region, was performed the "Sumatra Aftershocks" cruise (R/V Marion Dufresne, Jakarta, July 15 - Colombo, August 9, 2005) in order to establish the geodynamical context ...
Reference: "EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS NOV 15 2007; 263 (1-2) 88-103"
<p>In this and two companion papers (9, 10), is reported on the nature of faulting in these great earthquakes based on seismological analyses of the extensive, openly available seismogram data set from the international Federation of Digital Seismic Networks ...
Reference: SCIENCE VOL 308 20 MAY 2005
<p>In this study has been conducted a paleoseismic investigation of serial fault rupture at one site along the 110-km rupture of the North Anatolian fault that produced the Mw 7.4 earthquake of 17 August 1999.</p>
Reference: Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, Vol. 93, No. 6, pp. 2317-2332, December 2003
A total of 166 observations of sea-level change, 130 measurements of elevation difference, and 16 determinations of horizontal strain provide an excellent view of the (quasi-)static source process of the great 1960 Chilean earthquake.
Reference: Geophys. 1. Int. (1990) 103, 589-598