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<p>We propose a new simplified method for assessing the seismic performance of homogeneous small earth dams (height&le;20 m) founded on bedrock. Dynamic decoupled calculations were performed on seven accelerograms applied to 33 structural and geotechnical ...
Reference: International Symposium Qualification of Dynamic Analyses of Dams and their Equipment and of Probabilistic Assessment of Seismic Hazard in Europe, Saint Malo, FRA, 31/08-2/09/16
<p>Engineering ground-motion parameters can be used to describe the damage potential of an earthquake. Some of them correlate well with several commonly used demand measures of structural performance, liquefaction, and seismic-slope stability. The importance ...
Reference: Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, Vol. 97, No. 1B, pp. 162–183