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ATENA is a user friendly software for nonlinear analysis of reinforced concrete structures.

Why To Use ATENA
- ATENA is for engineers that want to understand the real structural behavior.
- It is a great addition to standard design programs that usually supports engineers to work quickly and satisfy the code requirements,
- ATENA is excellent for verification of reinforcement design in critical sections.
- For design of economical reinforced concrete structures - ATENA automatically considers internal force redistribution due to cracking, which may result in reinforcement savings.
- For assessment of existing structures.
- It helps to discover additional load carrying capacity.
- It supports advanced research in reinforced concrete structures or modern cementitious materials.

How It Works
- Modeling Of Reinforcement
- Realtime Visualisation Of Results
- Crack Visualisation

Key Features
- Simulates the real behavior of reinforced concrete structures
- 3D environment
- User friendly modelling of reinforcement
- Unique visualization of crack propagation
- Real-time display of results even during the nonlinear analysis
- Based on finite element method and fracture mechanics
- Advanced material models for concrete, reinforcement, steel, rock, soil and masonry
- Support for the analysis of modern fiber reinforced concrete materials: SHCC, ECC, HPRFC, UHPFRC
- Dynamics, statics, creep, thermal and moisture analyses
- Modeling of high temperature and fire loading on concrete structures
- Software for design or assessment of new or existing concrete structures
- Modeling of structural durability and reinforcement corrosion

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