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Stress-deformation analysis
SIGMA/W performs stress and deformation analyses of geotechnical, civil and mining works. It can perform a simple linear elastic deformation analysis or a highly sophisticated soil-structure interaction analysis with non-linear material models and coupling to seepage analysis.
Many constitutive soil models enable you to represent a wide range of soils or structural materials. In addition, SIGMA/W models pore-water pressure generation and dissipation in response to external loads. With SIGMA/W you can analyze almost any stress or deformation problem you will encounter.

Key Features
Construction Sequence
GeoStudio's Analysis Tree models even the most complex construction sequences. Analyses are added to the Tree, forming a Parent-Child relationship in which each new analysis represents a part of the construction sequence.  
Coupled Consolidation
The coupled stress and pore-water pressure formulation can be used to model construction sequencing involving fill placement, excavation, and soil-structure interaction.
SLOPE/W Integration
The stresses and/or pore-water pressures from a SIGMA/W analysis can be used directly in SLOPE/W to do a stress-based stability analysis.
Stress Redistribution
Stress redistribution analysis is used to conduct a strength reduction slope stability analysis, model stress transfer onto structures such as pile walls installed within failed slopes, or calculate permanent deformations.

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