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Flexible Geotechnical Laboratory Management
KeyLAB is the leading laboratory management system built specifically for geotechnical and construction laboratories.

KeyLAB’s clever integration with Microsoft Excel allows you to easily customize worksheets and reports whilst staying in complete control of your laboratory data. This unique integration allows you to quickly implement the system and reduce the learning curve for all staff.

Quickly get started for a new laboratory or adapt the workbooks you are already using. Test definitions and example workbooks can be downloaded allowing you to quickly get started or adapt the workbooks you are already using, enabling you to expand the system to accommodate all your testing needs.

Data Entry and Reporting    
Data Entry is the most time consuming aspects of the laboratory reporting process. KeyLAB’s unique approach allows you to design your own system to make data entry as easy and intuitive as it can be.

Client Scheduling   
The test schedule is the heart of each laboratory testing request. KeyLAB includes many features that increases the power of schedules and significantly reduces the effort in managing them.

Operational Management    
The laboratory manager must manage several aspects of the laboratory and KeyLAB has many features designed to help out with the day to day running and the forward planning for workloads in your laboratory.

Sample Management    
Keeping track of your client’s samples and ensuring you report using their sample references is vital and can be the make or break aspect of any ongoing relationship.  KeyLAB’s sample management features will help you do this.

Laboratory Management    
Managing a laboratory is more than just managing the testing schedules.  That’s why KeyLAB comes with comprehensive tools to allow you to manage your staff, equipment and your boss!

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