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Cantilever and Restrained Retaining Wall Design Software

SoilStructure Cantilever Retaining Wall (CRW) is a practical, very easy to learn retaining wall design software.  It currently uses only the English unit system. CRW also uses the requirements of ACI 318-11 and IBC 2012. This program is the only retaining wall design software that combines geotechnical checks and structural design calculations as one complete treatment of design. This is the only rational  way to design restrained and cantilevered retaining walls.
SoilStructure Retaining Wall software has the following unique capabilities:
- Taking into account the response of bearing pressure when axial dead & live loads are present
- Computation of retaining wall footing settlement due to distortion & consolidation settlement
- Checking for global stability of passive soils if the materials are cohesive
- Design of shear stem key @ the top of footing – bottom of stem interface
- Calculation to check of whether Active or At rest or in between earth pressures apply to the stem
- Calculating passive earth resistance when passive soils are descending
- Calculating at rest earth pressure when the backfill soils are overconsolidated and inclined
- Option to include all 3 common surcharges – point load, line load and strip load
- Creating P-M interaction diagram for each stem wall section

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