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CAPWAP (CAse Pile Wave Analysis Program) is a software program that estimates total bearing capacity of a pile or shaft, as well as resistance distribution along the shaft and at the toe. The program takes as input the force and velocity data obtained with a Pile Driving Analyzer® (PDA).
It is essential to post process PDA data with CAPWAP for at least one foundation element per job. CAPWAP completes the Dynamic Load Testing procedure and simulates a Static Load Test. CAPWAP 2006 has improved features for the analysis of drilled shafts and auger cast-in-place (CFA) piles.
The program includes a completely automated mode as well as adjustable parameters with which the user systematically improves the calculated results. CAPWAP works in English, Metric or SI units, and features a comprehensive help feature. The CAPWAP manual introduces the user to the wave equation theory and signal matching procedure on which the program is based.

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