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CLU-STAR is a program for computerised structural geology data collection and analysis.
The program recognises the discontinuity sets of a rock mass through hierarchical and non-hierarchical clustering procedures derived from the multivariate analysis.

These clustering procedures operate directly on the collected data instead of on their statistical distribution; the results are consequently closer to the geomechanical reality.

The high interactivity of the program offers the operator a better control of the full sequence of operations, as it is possible to choose the clustering level (and hence the dimension of the clusters), as well as the algorithms for the assignment of the joints to the individual discontinuity sets.

Once the joint sets have been determined, the program calculates the safety factor of the rock wedges, considering water pressures, surcharges, rock bolting and seismicity.

The program can also evaluate the anisotropic permeability tensor of the rock mass.

Different outputs are produced both in graphical and tabular form:

the printout of the structural geology data collection sheets;
the projection of the originally collected joint poles onto the stereonet;
complete projection of the results of the cluster analysis: the joint sets, the great circles, the rock wedge safety factors, the slope face and the friction angle circle can be represented on the stereonet;
a rose diagram for the evaluation of the dip direction distribution

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