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WMS - Web Monitoring System

The WMS is a software platform designed and developed by Field Srl to validate, process, convert, manage, and automatically display data and graphs from geotechnical, structural, dynamic, meteorological and environmental monitoring systems.
OMNIAlog datalogger, miniOMNIAlog or any other logger equipped with communication inteface, send data to a remote server. The server then validates the data, removing spikes and anomalous readings, and processes the readings, converting them to engineering units, and finally adding them to its SQL database.
The readings are then made available in the form of charts or tables through the “Galemys” application. The entire process is automated so that current data is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The charts are completely dynamic and can be configured by the user (colour, width, and visual characteristics of curves), the .xls files can be downloaded, and the status of instruments can be viewed through interactive tables or maps.
If a reading value exceeds a preset alarm thresholds, the WMS can send an alarm notification via SMS or e-mail to the mobile phones of registered users.

A free access demo is available to test all the WMS features: click on the link below, run the "setup.exe" file and follow the instructions:

For further information, visit the dedicated web page on the Field Srl web site

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