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AMRetain is a software for checking single or double retaining walls made of ArcelorMittal, sheet piles.
It has been developed by Terrasol for ArcelorMittal, and is based on the commercial software K-Rea (also developed by Terrasol).
AMRetain is distributed by Terrasol, but the licenses requests should be sent to ArcelorMittal.


The retaining wall properties are defined through a selection among the ArcelorMittal sheet piles catalogue (which is regularly updated).

AMRetain calculation is based on the "subgrade reaction calculation method" (calcul ation of horizontal displacements, moments and shear forces in the wall), but also includes 3 checks according to the french standard NF P 94-282 (application of Eurocode 7 to retaining walls design) :
- failure on the passive side
- balance of vertical forces
- Kranz
The first two checks are based on a LEM or SSIM calculation, depending whether the wall is cantilever or anchored.
The partial safety factors according to NF P 94-282 are pre-defined in AMRetain, and maybe changed by the user when necessary.

AMRetain also enables the calculation of double walls and rear walls.

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