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BLogPro v.1.2 – Bore log software

BLogPro is a bore log software that will help users to create simple soil borehole logs specially adjusted for the Geotechnical Engineer. The pages created include the most commonly used input data such as technical log data, stratigraphy data and laboratory test data. The software can handle multiple pages inside a single project file and offers a user friendly interface for data manipulation.

Main Characteristics
-Advanced drawing engine that ensures 100% WYSWYG
-Multiple pages inside a single project file
-Every page can have its own properties e.g. paper size, borehole depth etc
-User defined print quality for draft or quality printing according to your needs
-Columns with the most commonly used soil geotechnical properties
-Automatic fit of the report according to the page size
-“All in one page” feature or user defined drawing scale
-Log page supports English, Spanish, Portuguese and Greek languages (not yet fully supported for Spanish language)

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