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SID - Calculation of Hydraulic Sections

SID calculates hydraulic sections of any form and of any geometrical and hydraulic characteristics.
The program determines, for a given section, the height and speed values reached by the water, assuming that the channel has a prismatic form of infinite length.
The formula used by the program utilises the average velocity as a function of the mean radius of the section, that is equal to the ratio between the area of the hydraulic section and the wet boundary, of the loss of load and of the friction coefficient.
In order to perform the calculation the program required the description of the geometry of the section and some hydraulic parameters, that is, the resistance coefficient, the projected flow and the channel slope.
One can look at the table containing the fundamental characteristics that define the channel classes and the relative roughness coefficients using a specific command.
The program determines the diagram of the flow curve as a function of the height, with the indication of the height reached as a result of the projected flow.

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