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A Computer Program for Equivalent-Linear Site Response Analysis

SHAKE2000 is a Windows based, user-friendly computer program that will help geotechnical earthquake engineers and researchers with the analysis of site-specific response and the evaluation of earthquake effects on soil deposits. Hence, the main objective in the development of SHAKE2000 was to add new features to transform SHAKE and SHAKE91 into an analysis tool for seismic analysis of soil deposits and earth structures. As such, the governing philosophy in developing this new version of SHAKE was to lay before the user a suite of tools designed to answer questions of interest to both academia and the consulting professional. We then expect that SHAKE2000 will have a dual role in geotechnical earthquake engineering. First, it will be used as a learning tool for students of geotechnical engineering. Second, it will serve practitioners of geotechnical earthquake engineering as a scoping tool to provide a first approximation of the dynamic response of a site. Depending upon the prediction of site response, the practitioner will judge whether more sophisticated dynamic modeling is warranted.

USA, Washington DC
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