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Options G and H of CEDRUS

With the building modules CEDRUS enters the third dimension by stacking CEDRUS-slabs. The generated building models feature graphical checks, mass extracts, calculation models for top-down analyses of vertical and horizontal loads and three-dimensional frame models for earthquake analyses with STATIK.

Option G
With the aid of option G it is possible to generate a geometric building model from CEDRUS-slabs. A direct benefit of this approach are easy visual checks of the generated building and mass extracts ordered by various criteria as well as a top-down analysis of vertical loads. This way the import loadings which are needed for the structural analysis of the storys are available directly. This option is basis for the option H which provides further calculation models.

Option H
The option H is based on the option G and offers further calculation models. Top-down analyses of horizontal loads (wind, earthquake,...) can be carried out, masonry walls can be verified and frame models for earthquake analyses using STATIK can be generated.

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