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Times of Malta   02 January 2018   World  
<p>The eruption of Mount Agung on the island of Bali has sparked worldwide media interest, yet volcanic eruptions in Indonesia are nothing new. Of the country&rsquo;s 139 &ldquo;active&rdquo; volcanoes, 18 currently have raised alert levels, signifying higher ...
Symmetry magazine   22 November 2017   World  
<p>For the first time, scientists have measured the rate at which high-energy neutrinos are absorbed by our planet, a development that could lead to discoveries about physics and the Earth.</p>   11 September 2017   World  
<p>Friday's earthquake off Mexico was the largest in that region in over a century, and will add pressure to a region already being battered by several other natural disasters.<br />The earthquake occurred off the west coast of southern Mexico 69 km below ...
The Conversation   12 July 2017   World  
<p>One of the first geological lessons we learn is that continents are constantly moving. The evidence of these plate tectonic movements is written in the rocks. But the rocks only tell us half of the story. The other half is contained in the evolutionary ...
<p>ABS, the leading provider of classification services to the offshore industry, has published Guidance Notes that includes the first industry best practices on design methodology for dynamically installed piles. The new ABS Guidance Notes on Design and Installation ...
Science   14 July 2016   World   World  
<p>Landslides kill thousands of people each year worldwide. They can strike without warning, triggered by earthquakes, erosion, or human construction activity. Since 2002, geoscientist Dave Petley has made it his mission to track landslide-related deaths and ...
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Reuters   08 February 2016   World   World  
<p>Green power is cheap enough to compete with fossil fuels and will buck the trend of falling investment in oil and gas as it can offer long-term returns sheltered from political risk, investors and industry analysts say.</p> <p>Oil prices have dropped by ...
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SPLOID   12 January 2016   World   World  
<p>Yeah, I&rsquo;m not ashamed to admit this: I feel slightly less comfortable when I&rsquo;m under a tunnel than when I&rsquo;m not. It&rsquo;s not that I think that the tunnel will collapse on me but it&rsquo;s because I know the sky absolutely won&rsquo;t. ...
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ITA - AITES   08 January 2016   World   World  
<p>This video presents the major tunnelling works in progress in 2015 as well as some future projects..</p>
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CBCnews   07 January 2016   World  
<p>We're living through one of the most extraordinary events in Earth's history &mdash; the start of a new geological epoch, an international group of scientists says.<br />Welcome to the Anthropocene, everyone.<br /><br /></p>